Insurance Work and Assistance

Insurance Work and Assistance

Insurance Work and Assistance

Never processed a homeowners claim before? At DGS Contractors we can help. We count with Georgia licensed Public Adjusters on staff, and assist with the handling of your roof, fire, water or tree damage claim free of cost.

You have just experienced a property damage claim (fire, water, wind, hail, tree damage etc) to your home or business. What now? Would you immediately start cleaning up? Should you start making repairs? Where will you live or relocate while the repairs take place? Your insurance policy is a contract between you the homeowner and the insurance company. A contract that spells out proper steps that should be followed (terms and conditions), and others that should not be done after you have suffered property damage. Your failure to comply with the policy’s terms and conditions could result in your claim not being paid. Call DGS Contractors today! Our team will assist you every step of the way. Your only out-of-pocket expense will be your insurance deductible.

Here is a list of answers to common questions regarding filing a homeowner’s insurance claim:

Q: Should I call my insurance company before I call a Contractor?

A: Usually not.  In most cases, it is wise to have a Contractor take a look at the damages. At DGS Contractors we inspect the areas and if damages are found, we assist with the processing of your claim. DGS Contractors will meet your insurance adjuster and make sure the specifications of your claim are correct.

The way a claim is filed can very often affect the way it is settled. Please call us at DGS Contractors for a FREE CONSULTATION before you call your insurance company and we will make sure you get started right.

Q: Should I immediately start repairs?

A: After a roof, water, fire or tree damage disaster, you will be tempted to start repairs right away. However, this could ultimately hurt, rather than help you. Your insurance company will need to inspect the property before repairs begin. After that, you must ensure that you and your insurance company agree on the repairs and the cost of those repairs. If you start repairs before the insurance company inspects the property and approves them, the insurance company may not pay for the repairs or may not pay enough for the repairs. This could leave you paying for those damages out of your pocket.  You must be patient and be prepared to wait to start work until you know it will all be covered.

Q: My roof is not currently leaking,  how do I know if I have any storm damage?

A: In most Atlanta Insurance roof claims, hail damage may not cause roof leaks immediately, but that doesn’t mean you won’t later if not addressed. Hail can cause severe damage to your roof that is not always visible from the ground. It is best to have your roof inspected by a licensed and insured roofing contractor in Atlanta, at DGS Contractors we determine if you have enough storm damage to justify filing an insurance claim. Call today and we will perform a Free Storm Damage Inspection.

Q: Do I have to pay DGS Contractors for their residential claims assistance?

A: NO! DGS Contractors will assist with your roof, water, fire or tree damage claim from start to finish at NO COST! Our Atlanta Insurance Claims Management Program is a complimentary service we provide to all of our clients. Call today and we will be happy to help you start your claims process.

Q: My Georgia Residential Insurance Claim shows Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Value. What is the difference?

A: Almost all home owners insurance policies cover full value. When you file your homeowners claim, you will most likely receive the amount of the Actual Cash Value ( for example, in the case of a roof claim, how much the roof is worth today considering it’s remaining life expectancy). The insurance company withholds what is called depreciation from the initial check and will pay it once the work has been completed.

Actual Cash Value + Depreciation + Your Deductible = Claim Replacement Cost Value

Q: Can I avoid paying my deductible?

A: No. To attempt to do so constitutes criminal insurance fraud.


DGS Contractors made my backyard areas look like a five star resort! From deck design to construction was executed perfectly. Can't say enough of how pleased and happy I was with the process and follow up. Highly Recommend to anyone looking to transform their outdoor spaces.

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I hired this company at random. However they exceeded my expectations. The project manager, Juan, and crew chief, Edgar, were very easy to work with. Their work was excellent. And bottom line: Yes I would hire them again in a heart beat...

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